AllenHark Terminal

Worlds first professional cryptocurrency markets trading terminal.

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Trading platform for professionals

AllenHark Terminal is a financial services platform for investors trading in cryptocurrency markets and securities for member organisations and individuals globally. With online and mobile tools, real-time data tools, portfolio monitors, news, charts and analytics, our software makes AllenHark Terminal a powerful tool in any investor’s hands.

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AllenHark Terminal

The cutting edge technology for professionals to trade in the crypto-currency world


AllenHark Terminal helps its users follow and track crypto-currencies, digital assets, crowd-sales’, forex and derivatives on AllenHark Terminal at the click of a button. The multicurrency platform aims to allow just about anyone to buy & Sell crypto-currencies, digital assets, crowd-sale tokens, derivatives, digital indices all at a click of a button.

Real-Time News

With a global network of reporters and crypto professionals, you will always be the first to know what is happening in the crypto space. Our reporters have worked with the biggest financial news platforms in the world and know how to break down all the news to you to help you make decisions fast to grow you portfolio.

Risk & Research

Risk management is everything. Using our in-depth news, research and analysis tools, AllenHark Terminal helps investors monitor, manage or avoid risk totally. The premium data tools are at the core of our business. Our reports are delivered to you as you choose-daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and per sector.

Terminal Messenger

With the world’s largest network of investors in the cryptocurrencies, our messenger platform connects you to the biggest names in crypto finance, decision makers, regulators, get mentorship and exchange real-time data and connect with other professionals to build your global network.


After a unsuccessful pre-ICO AllenHark has choosen to discontinue the ICO approach to funding AllenHark terminal development. All parcitipants of the pre-ico will be refunded

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